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New Swimming Pool Trends of 2020

Nothing brings greater joy during a hot summer day than a refreshing swim in your very own pool. But what about the style of the pool, the material it’s made out of? So many choices, it can almost be overwhelming! Luckily for you, we’ve laid out the most popular pool trends of 2020, so come on in and decide for yourself what your dream pool is!


Plunge Pools

The plunge pool takes the concept of less is more and runs with it. An excellent addition to any backyard, and with less maintenance required than other larger pool choices. If you desire the refreshing relaxation that a dip in the pool can bring, but don’t want the backyard dominated by the traditionally larger pool, then the plunge pool is the ideal choice.

Lap Pool

The perfect pool for keeping in shape! Lap pools are a great choice for the active homeowner who wants to exercise from the comfort of home, and the traditional long rectangular shape of the pool is sure to add character and dimension to any backyard.


Welcome to the resort! The multi-level pool is a fantastically adventurous addition to your backyard, making you feel as if you’re away on vacation every time you venture out onto your backyard.


Craving a more organic addition to your home? The natural pool works best in homes that have an excess of foliage and greenery, as the pool becomes a seamless extension of your property. Passive while making a statement, the natural pool is a choice you’ll find will truly grow on you with time.

Rimless Modern

Elegant and sophisticated, the rimless modern is a sleek pool design that you’ll find blends cleanly into the surrounding area. An excellent choice for the homeowner who wants a pool that makes a statement while maintaining a chic edge.


Saltwater pools are the superb choice for those that are worried about itchy skin and irritated eyes as a result of chlorine. Not only that, but the saltwater pool comes with much less maintenance, and even produces water that feels softer to the touch and is more gentle on the skin.

Dark Finishes

Feeling bold? Dark finishes are powerful and stylish, and perfect for a more modern look. Their deep impenetrable tone is adept at creating the illusion of depth, and can make your backyard feel sophisticated and fun all at the same time.

High-End Materials

Craving a unique, yet classic look? Then look no further! Utilizing materials such as glass tile and mosaics in the design of your pool can allow you to create your dream swimming environment with a classy touch your friends and family won’t soon forget.

"Wood" Finishes

Wood finishes are a rustic and fun way to blend your pool into your home. With the more natural tones and textures you’ll find that your pool will take on new life!

Smart Lighting

Turn any nighttime gathering into a lightshow with colorful LED pool lighting you can control from the convenience of your smartphone! More traditional pool lights can also be activated via timers, creating a well lit and safe swimming environment with no hassle.

Pool Automation

Say goodbye to time-consuming maintenance and confusion! Pool automation streamlines pool ownership by allowing you to control temperature, chlorine levels and pumps from the convenience of your smartphone. Prepare to spend less time maintaining the pool and more time relaxing in it!

Built-in Bar

Gone are the days of running from pool to cooler, say hello to the built-in bar! This addon is a blessing during hot summers, and can turn any barbecue or party into an instant success.

Sun Ledge

Poolside relaxers rejoice! The sun ledge allows you to enjoy a pool while not committing to a full swim. A superb addition to your pool that ensures you’ll get even more use out of it, whether it be relaxing or just dipping your legs in while suntanning.


No more cold nights for you night owl swimmers! Fire installations at poolsides can create a more comforting environment and are a superb add-on for the pool owner who loves entertaining guests in the evening. This is one classy addon you’ll be sure to warm up to.

Now comes the easy part, deciding how these features can come together to create your very own dream pool! With more options available for home pools than ever before you can truly customize your pool to best suit you and your home. Before you know it you’ll be relaxing in the deep end, sipping on a cool drink, wondering why you didn’t do this sooner!

Interested in adding these trends to your backyard? Give us a call!


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