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Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Contractor

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Starting a swimming pool project requires a lot of thought, research, and decision making, and choosing the right swimming pool contractor for the job is the most important part of the process.


Before you begin searching for a contractor, it’s important to decide what you want your new swimming pool to look like and determine what your budget will be. This will help you prepare for researching and finding the right contractor for your specific vision. Your budget should include not only the construction and materials for the pool, but any fencing or additional landscaping you might like to put around it.

In California, any contracting project that costs $500 or more must be performed by a contractor that holds a valid and current contractor license. This includes swimming pool construction and repairs, and these jobs require that the contractor be specifically licensed as a “swimming pool contractor”. You can look up a licensed contractor here.

Once you’ve decided on what kind of pool you’re looking for and what your budget will be, it’s time to start looking at swimming pool contractors. It’s important to do your own thorough research, and reach out to more than one contractor so that you are able to compare your options. Reaching out to family, friends, or neighbors that have had swimming pool projects done is a great place to start. They may be able to refer you to a contractor or company that they are pleased with.

Ask swimming pool contractors for references from current projects that are being worked on and completed projects. You can ask these clients questions about how their projects were/are being handled, what their experience with the contractor and their associates was/is like, how satisfied they were/are with the work being done, and any other relevant questions that will give you a feel for how the contractor might handle your own projects.

In addition to references, it’s a good idea to look at the company’s online reviews from customers. It’s helpful to read both positive and negative reviews, and see how the contractor or company responds to customer feedback.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices and have a swimming pool contractor in mind, the next step is to ask them for their identification and verify that their license is in their name, and that it is updated and active. Ask them any additional questions you may have about their process, their experience in the business, what they might recommend for your home, and be clear about your expectations for the project. It would also be a good idea to visit their office, meet them in person, and get a feel for how their team works together. Keep in mind that you will have to form a working relationship with his team and communicate with them for the duration of your project.

When making your decision to hire a swimming pool contractor, be sure to consider all the information you’ve gathered. Their expertise and professional practices are just as important to consider as the cost.

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